Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Work History

Roughly in chronological order:

  • Violin teacher and one quarter of a string quartet
  • Fundraiser and campaigner for forests at tws
  • Undergraduate arts critic and radio announcer
  • Library assistant at a Brisbane university
  • Event organiser at Monash University; at an organisation for social justice for people with disabilities; then finally for a massive trade show of mobile phones in London
  • Writer of Replies to Letters on behalf of the Lord Mayor of Brisbane
  • Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive of the Royal Albert Hall; the Premier of Victoria; and to one of Australia's most distinguished academic economists
  • Hand on an olive farm in Tuscany; then one in Sicily
  • Receptionist at a very lonely desk outside a state government department in Victoria (where I started blogging)
  • Clerk on a building site, then a mine site in north Queensland
  • Barista at Squires coffee shop in Townsville
  • Freelance writer, at home in my pyjamas
Most recently I have been working at home as a full-time carer for our cat.  It may be time to spread my wings a bit.

Quite frankly I'm surprised I haven't worked in a bookshop yet.  It seems an obvious choice - but maybe it's not just browsing all day long?

What do you think I should do next?


tunabake said...

a bookshop! a bookshop! it would so suit you and you would be given such a large discount :) I have joined your gang but seem to be enjoying not working more than you - the bump is getting bigger and the bump has a gender - a little girl - little being the operative word I hope. Speak to you soon. Claire xxx

Naomi said...

A little Claire Jr! Wow! How lovely for you two.

Enjoy your time at home with your bump


BigCat said...

A book shop sounds pretty cool. How about a handmade goodies shop. You could combine it with books and other indulgences.

Mr E said...


Receptionist at a very lonely desk outside a state government department in Victoria - Ah yes, I remember it well. I used to look forward to covering your lunch break during my own dull temp job at the same government dept.