Friday, August 29, 2008

Love Friday - Holidays!

We're off to Port Douglas for a long weekend, to help some of our New Zealand friends warm up and dry out after their long wet winter.

Why am I packing coffee beans in tupperware? Well, we're the ground support for this little trip. We'll be arriving with our tiny car packed to the gills with supplies and equipment the others couldn't afford in their baggage allowance - beach towels, board games, DVDs and beverages. Yes, all kinds of beverages.
We'll be back in the middle of next week - hopefully to a new internet connection which, you never know, might encourage me to post here more than once a week.
See ya!


BigCat said...

Oh I'm green with envy. Will you be snorkling on the reef?

Hope you have a fabulous long weekend.

katherine h said...

I'm so pleased that Love Fridays didn't become Cleaning Fridays. I think you need to sneak cleaning days somewhere else in the week, where they are a lot less noticeable.

Mr E said...

Have a great long weekend, I look forward to seeing some photos.