Thursday, March 12, 2009

Um, hello

There's just not a lot I can talk about in public at the moment.   But we're plugging away - Hayden's applying for jobs with all his might, and I'm making coffees each day like you wouldn't believe.

I have found a bit of time to get back in the garden, though.  After months away from it during our monster Wet Season, I've recently discovered that not all our plants are completely dead.  Some have gone.  A couple have thrived on all that water, but most are just looking a bit straggly and stressed.   But the thing about caring for plants is that if you get their situation right -  just enough water, just enough sun - they do grow beautifully, all on their own.  Sometimes it takes a while to find that right position, but once you do you can rely on them - they usually come good.