Friday, August 22, 2008

Love Friday

This might just be the end of Love Fridays for me.  I'm not saying for definite - but I'm not sure it looks that good either.

From now on, Friday is going to be my housework day.   Ever since I quit my last job, our house has been particularly spotless as I filled in my time with over-cleaning.   But when I caught myself talking like a housewife to my sister - I was telling her about the morning I woke up wanting to buy Hayden a load of business shirts and mix-and-match ties so he could never go wrong - I decided that enough was enough.

So Love Friday is now Cleaning Friday.  Look out for it next week!


BigCat said...

Not much to love about that.

Eileen said...

Alas- housekeeping has never appealed to me. No matter how bored I got. Tragic really.