Sunday, June 11, 2006

So I'm going away for a while..

My inward-growing career in administration is taking me farther than I would have thought possible. I’m going out to the mines.

If you look at a map of this part of Queensland, you will see that there are many, many mines around here. The gold and the nickel have dried up, but they still mine coal, zinc, copper, silver and gemstones. You know where Mt Isa is? The zinc mine I’m going to is about 250km northwest of there, just near the border of the Northern Territory. There is no town anywhere nearby, but it is just across the road from Boodjamulla or Lawn Hill National Park. You can see where that is on the map, and see some photos here.

There is much that is novel about this particular gig. I get to fly to work for a start. And I get a new hat, and goggles and a uniform including boots. I’ll get all my meals and accommodation looked after. I’ll work two-and-a-half weeks straight, then I’ll come home and sleep for a week. Then repeat.

I’ll be taking a camera and a laptop, so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to post some pictures. It’s only for two months.

And how is Hayden taking all this?

Well after his initial hilarity at the idea of me on a dirty dusty rough mine site, he seems to be taking it OK. He always supposed that he would be the first one of us to be flown out to work in the middle of nowhere - I think it was a bit of a surprise to him.

I'll miss him while I'm gone, of course, but I'll be back before he knows it.

(Ok, not strictly before he knows it. I'm going to give him a warning so that he can clear away the playstation and the pizza boxes before I arrive.)


tunabake said...

Wow! you realy surprise me Naomi, what a job, I know I could never work in a place so isolated and dirty eventhough london is one of the most dirty places on earth. hopefully this will give you the time to write some more and I will be looking forward to the pictures! Claire

MR said...

exciting adventure...Go Chica!!!

Eileen said...

Insist on stylish headgear. Safety doens't have to be unattractive.

Naomi said...

Sad to say there is absolutely no choice of headwear here - it's yellow hard hats for all.

You'd think that on my 12 hour shift it would be possible to find time to post pictures ... but it looks like it might be tricky. Let me describe it to you instead:

Yesterday I climbed up to the top of a giant bulldozer, and the view I got was of nothing but dry earth all around. Like the moon but flatter!

Round the dongers where we sleep is slightly more vegetated - I have a nice view of red earth and saltbush out my window.

love to you all