Sunday, June 25, 2006

Kind of inspiration

The hope I had that I would find plenty of time for writing, while I am out here in the outback on my own, faded when I was told that I would be working a 12-hour shift rather than the advertised 8-hours. Basically what that means is that when I'm awake I'm working or eating, and when I'm asleep I am sound asleep.

However, in between times I do find moments of a very diffuse kind of inspiration - mainly from the beautiful and surprising colours of the landscape. The mine being here on this land means that part of it will be damaged beyond all recognition or recovery, but the rest is sitting pretty tight in the meantime.


MR said...

Great photos. They are making me feel home sick for South Africa. I imagine it is how I feel about Africa. A certain kınd of raw beauty. The spareness of the bushleaves you focusıng on sounds, the feel of the changing breeze, shadows and lıght.

Eileen said...

The photos are amazing. If I remember right your schedule is so many weeks on and then some off. It might be easier to write on the weeks off. Even after an 8 hour day it can be exhausting.