Thursday, June 01, 2006

Golf Buddies

Hayden was off work today with a cold, so I thought I would cheer him up this afternoon and take him to see if we could see the baby crocodiles that have taken up residence in the lagoon at the Townsville Golf Club. We went down there just on sundown, you know, when crocodiles are supposed to be at their most active. I was hoping we'd see them come out of the water to hunt.

We had a lovely walk around the golf course; we saw lots of waterbirds and startled a couple of pelicans off the bank and they skidded out across the water. I love it when they do that. And although we never caught sight of the little crocs, we did have a nice enough time for me to consider taking up golf. In the big cities golf can be an expensive and snooty kind of activity, but in Townsville it’s just a fun sport that anyone can play of an afternoon. Kind of like pool ... but in a big park.

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