Friday, May 19, 2006

Sorry I've been gone so long

I've been spending too much time at the office.

Also, I’ve been cooking a bit and thinking about my winter vegetables. Now that we’ve decided to definitely sign another six-month lease on the place where we’re renting (and not move into the vacant, cheap three-bedroom house up the road, and not get a cat, not just yet), I think I am going to go and get myself one of those massive horse-troughs of a planter box, and begin planting proper vegetables on my balcony. I have been stalled on this quite early though, I ordered some special organic seeds from a place near Brisbane and they have failed to arrive in the post, twice now.

I can’t wait to find out what will grow here in winter. I am hoping for baby carrots and beets and shallots, and I am going to have a crack at growing some lavender, I don’t know why except that the clean bright sunlight we have on these cooler days makes me think of the smell of it.

This weekend the national outrigger canoeing championships are being held down at the beach. I’m going to go down and watch, trying to ignore the fact that the event has been sponsored by Defence Force Recruiting.

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