Tuesday, May 02, 2006

After May Day

With this glut of public holidays – Easter, Anzac Day, and yesterday May Day – I have become quite lackadaisical about how my weekends become spent. This last one was the worst for wasting; I spent it mainly with getting over things. On Friday night after work I thought it would be nice to pick up a piece of fresh fish to cook up for our dinner. I have been working on my cooking repertoire, under the influence of Stephanie, and my current ambition is to become one of those people who can walk into a kitchen and just whip stuff up. I whipped up the fish with garlic (and middle eastern spices, partially in honour of Kath’s departure for Dubai) and in so doing caused myself the most debilitating garlic-hangover that obliterated most of Saturday. On Saturday afternoon I thought a bout of yoga might heal me so I attended a class at the gym, but it left me too sore to move. Sunday was a forced rest day due to the stiffness in my arms and legs, and by Monday afternoon, after a dip in the pool for exercise, I stood under the shower in a lovely summer-holiday-at-the-coast mood, not a thought in my head about what I might do next.

It feels like ages ago that I was unemployed, and it seems like everything has changed since I started work. True, many things have changed, perhaps the most unexpected is that I seem to have made friends with a whole bunch of burly drinkin’ swearin’ builder blokes. It took Hayden to remind me that I haven’t even worked a full five-day week since I started, due to all these public holidays. The best part about that is that it’s already Tuesday, already time for cheap pizza and The O.C.


Eileen said...

Working is overrated. However for some reason they won't pay me unless I show up. Dang.

Naomi said...

And how do you do it all, plus writing novels as well? how??