Thursday, October 04, 2007

Work Station

Recently I’ve been complaining a lot about work (have I been complaining to you? I’m sorry. You see, the problem with work is that I’m just not used to it.)

But just now I think that the tide is beginning to turn. I’ve taken leave from the café for the rest of this week (everyone who works there has got other stuff on the boil, and our boss Paul is extremely kind about letting us work around it) and I’m settling down to get stuck in to the writing.

And look where I work. It’s not so bad, is it? I’ve got natural light and natural breezes, and a bunch of yellow flowers I bought from Bilo for $8. I’ve got a fridge full of snacks and best of all, I’m working in my pyjamas (and you know how much I love to do that).

Plus I've got all those blogs down the sidebar to keep me entertained when I'm 'on a break'. Do you ever click on other peoples' links? I often do. Recently I was a bit taken aback when one of my favourite bloggers, Yarnstorm, reduced her list of blog links from about twenty to just eight. I was kind of miffed on behalf of all those whose blog links just got deleted (not mine, I don't think Yarnstorm knows I exist), but then I started clicking on the ones that she had left behind ... and I found Lobstersquad. It's brilliant. It's a cooking blog from Spain, and it's illustrated. Go on, have a look.


Drue said...

that's just like pointing a video camera at a television or getting two mirrors to reflect into one-another.

Naomi said...

I'm so glad you noticed the little extra effort I went to for that effect - you should see it from where I'm sitting, what with the actual laptop, flowers and water glass in front of me. I have an extra degree of infinity here. Oh, should I send you a photo of it?

Anonymous said...

isn't it so true? people don't always realize how dependent we become on their blogrolls and then they up and change them! miff!

glad work's going better--


Eileen said...

Oooh new links- love that.

tanya said...

Oooooh - new links. Will be clicking on each one.

Love the workspace - such great light.