Monday, August 14, 2006

Work Wear

I have wanted to mention for ages just how much I love wearing Hard Yakka work wear to work. Everyone who works on the mine site must wear high visibility workwear every day, no matter what job they do. Cleaners, payroll assistants, marketing executives, secretaries like me, everyone. I think it’s great. It’s just like wearing highly-reflective pyjamas to the office. Here’s a photo of Hayden in what he wears to work at the nickel refinery (this photo was taken on one of Hayden’s first days in the job, that’s why he looks slightly nervous).

When I’m working at the mine, I wear an outfit pretty similar, except that my shirt is bright safety orange, and my pants are blue with reflective bands at the knees. Overall I’m much more highly visible than Hayden is.

But it’s not the high-visibility of the uniform that I love, it’s the comfort. Not only do I get to wear sloppy loose-fitting clothes, but also I can get as grubby as I like - and it’s expected.

That’s why I have put on my work clothes this afternoon, even though I am at home, a couple of hundred km’s from the office. I’m going to do a spot of painting (inspired by Claire, though sadly without a skerrick of her talent).

Hopefully it’s going to be fun.


kookie said...

the photo of Haydn is a crack up - looks like a little boy on his first day of school

eighty laps said...

I often see folk in work uniform and somehow wish it was me too. I like the idea of being able to be a grub. Have recently tried to adopt "Young Architect" Uniform (black long-sleeve T-shirt) 1 day a week - but it is still too cold to take off my jersey. So noone gets to see it.

Eileen said...

Haydn looks so very earnest. I also have longed to be free from wearing panty hose to work. Reflective would be an added bonus.

Naomi said...

I always resisted putting time and effort (not to mention money) into looking right at the office. I feel so lucky that I can finally be upfront about what a slob I am.

If I ever work in a proper city office again, I'm going to demand a clothing allowance plus an extra paid hour each day for dressing myself.

Anonymous said...

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