Monday, August 14, 2006

The Roulettes

On Saturday, the Roulettes were in town to celebrate the anniversary of Victory in the Pacific. Hayden and I arrived home from our Saturday morning swim to find them swarming around the air above our place like a herd of giant bees. Hayden took the camera down to the beach to get some good snaps of them.

It was a pretty impressive show, and thankfully sans compere, hotdog stand and merchandising. Like I think I mentioned before, Townsville is one of the few places in Australia to have ever been under enemy attack. And, because there is such a large number of actual working soldiers who live here (and it always makes the local news when they are to be shipped out to the next new war zone), the days we commemorate Australian involvement in war are always done with much more tact and taste than I've seen in other cities.

At the end of their show the Roulettes flew off into the distance, and the spectators lined up on the shore were left to calm their dogs and little children.

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