Saturday, August 05, 2006

Music Tourism at the Zinc Mine

I don't know what it is about being out in the country that makes country music so applicable. I mean, I've always been a musical tourist. Much the same way that other people pick up colourful knick-knacks to take home from their holidays, I do like to pick up a bit of the local music and take it home .. where it often sounds garish, tacky and out of place. I've got some really terrible examples of "hard rock" from Italy and "cool jazz" from Spain.

And so it is, out here in the country, with the country music. I just can't get enough of it while I am out here in this wide flat place.

My favourite time to listen to it is on the dark bus ride from the camp down to work in the morning. No one talks much on that 10 minute ride. But I like it. It's very early. It's dark. There's nothing to see but stars and the shadows of trees, and the occasional roo, eyes glowing in the headlights, standing rock-still by the side of the road. It's all so good with some slow, simple, whiny music.

So you better watch out, Hayden. I might just done gonna bring some home with me..

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Mr E said...

I'm a musical tourist too. I came back from Prague with a CD by a band called Buty. Its like goth poetry mixed with latin jazz. In czech. It sounded great at the listening post but since getting home I've made it all the way though once.

Country music though, that's another matter. It may sound like Johnny Cash when you're out in the desert, but back in town it sounds like Billy Ray Cyrus.