Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Today is the last day before we head off to New Zealand for a week, so I’m going to cram this post full of pictures for you to look at, if you like, while I’m away.

We’re all packed and ready to go, which has been quite a process because one of the big things in such a long triathlon is that you have to make sure that you have all the right equipment, plus backups. You can’t just have one pair of goggles for swimming in the lake, cos what if they break? You should pack at least three (and I think Hayden is taking four). The same goes for running shoes and special socks, tubes for the bike, puncture kits, different kinds of jackets for different kinds of cold weather, and all divided up into different bags: one for the swim leg, one for the bike leg and one for the run, and a couple for the in-betweens. A race can be won or lost on these preparation details, apparently. It’s all very complicated.

Today is bright and fresh and clear, and it’s reminding me of the best kind of winter day. It's probably the kind of day that gave rise to the notion of spring cleaning, just because it goes so well with the smell of fresh laundry and the cheerful flapping of white sheets in the wind. This morning I drove Hayden out to work just to hang out with him an extra hour, and when I was driving back alone, I noticed how clear and sharp the hills looked, and how dramatic. It is really quite a nice drive, for a drive to a refinery. You follow the road to Ingham, north west, straight up between the coast and the ridge of hills called Harvey’s Range, which is the range that keeps the rain out of Townsville for most of the year. The sky this morning seemed high and blue and the hills looked scrubbed clean. It seemed propitious.

Everything in this year, so far, has been building towards this point. I wonder what it’s going to be like when we get past it?


Eileen said...

Have a great time- we'll be waiting for riveting posts when you return.

Naomi said...

Thank you! You have a good week too. Any sign of those end-of-winter days where you are?

tunabake said...

hi naomi, have a great time in nz; get those cheering lungs on as i am sure hayden will be listening out for you voice on the side-lines. speak to you when you get back....it snowed this morning, nothing heavy but pretty. claire xxx

Naomi said...

Thanks Claire! I don't know if I should yell out "Go Hayden" or use the name that I usually call him "Go Muffin!". So envious of your snow..

Eileen said...

Vancouver is the wild, wet, coast. There is no winter- only endless rain. Rain in amounts that makes you consider taking up ark building as a hobby. However- there are tulips up so there is hope!