Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bunnings I love you and I'm sorry we're apart

So my decks are cleared of paid employment and education – I had to drop out of my massage course because I got an icky rash on my fingers – and although I got myself all revved up for gardening, I can’t do that now either. If I plant new baby plants before we go to New Zealand next week, they will surely be dead by the time we get back. It’s already probable that I’ll be coming back to dead plants, so I can’t really justify a spend-up trip to Bunnings.

Nope, I’m just at home today, alone, alerting all my superannuation funds of my new address. Fun-o.

What are you up to?


Hayden said...

Well I have just come back from a lovely run along the beautiful Strand by where we live. I am so very excited about our trip to NZ and all the fun that we are going to have :-)

Life is very very very good at the moment and it is all the better with your love XOXOXOXOXOX

Eileen said...

I couldn't get the link to work- which leaves me wondering- just what the heck is a bunnings? I have this image of a wild bunny ranch- where our floppy earred friends can roam (or hop) free.

Naomi said...

Stick with that image! The truth could only disappoint you now.

Hayden said...

I love the photo of the gate. And it fits so perfectly into the story as well :-)

Naomi said...

Thanks for noticing, Sweetheart!