Thursday, January 19, 2006

I'm glad I'm not on the dole

... because then I would have to explain how I spent your tax dollars and all of Tuesday putting these little coloured beads onto strings, to make bracelets small enough for only fairies to wear.

Ah, but it was such fun!

The other night, our current houseguest Nikki took Hayden and me out to Townsville's African Restaurant (have I mentioned before about how Townsville seems to have just one of everything you could need? well, it has an African restaurant, just one). Though the food was very good, the service was a bit slow, and we noticed that there was only one waitress doing all of the running around. She explained to us that the other waiters were out that evening, performing African music for the Mayor of Townsville. Impressive, we thought.

While we were eating, the other waiters/musicians arrived back at the restaurant and set up their drums to show us what they had been playing for the Mayor. It was a brilliant performance, and one very cute Namibian drummer (who had taken a shine to Nikki) brought a set of bongos and a shaker to our table, so we were able to join in the performance. Later, when he came to clear away our glasses, he told us that every Thursday night they have a cultural (ie dancing) night at the restaurant. I'm looking forward to a bit more of those African rhythms tonight.

PS, the beads were three packets for $3.20 from Crazy Clarks, and each packet comes with three metre lengths of string - highly recommended!

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