Friday, January 27, 2006

Calmer now, with Tea

The rain has paused for a moment and though I haven’t broken out the jeans and jumpers like many Townsvillans, I am celebrating the cooler temperature today by enjoying a cup of tea. Lavender tea. I can’t believe it. After searching high and low for it in Melbourne, it turns up in my local shop in North Ward. OK, so it’s not officially tea, it’s dried lavender flowers with which, apparently, Moroccans like to lace their tagines. But I don’t care because I’m drinking it like tea, and it looks just like the lavender tea I had once in the Moroccan crepe bar at the bottom of Collins Street. And it was sold to me just like it was a food or a spice, and so I couldn’t poison myself by drinking it, could I?

Anyway, it tastes delicious and the effect is amazing, just like a lavender bath from the inside.


Roger said...

have heard all about the downpour in townsville, makes the firefighters down here a bit jealous I'm sure...

is it possible to dry your own lavender I wonder...?

anyway, happy 'straylia day, pls say hi to Hayden for me and hurrah for your supurb blogging!


Naomi said...

Rog, thanks for dropping in! Hope you had a good Straylia Day too


About the lavender: it possibly is possible to dry your own. And that is just the sort of thing that I have time to look into these days. I'll report back any results...