Monday, January 09, 2006

Crystal Creek

I am exhausted today. Hayden is training hard for the Ironman race in March, and – I thought I was helping – I ran along with him for two hours on Saturday. Oh, I didn’t run as far as he did. I ran about half as far as he did, or even less. We were on adjoining treadmills at the gym.

On Sunday I woke up aching exactly everywhere. Hayden was fine. He was happy to have a fairly quiet day at home, but I was sore and bored, and I wanted to drive somewhere.

He suggested Crystal Creek.

Yes, extremely beautiful. But a bit of a pity it was overcrowded. And typically, there was quite a macho vibe with all the blokes jumping off the high rocks and their chicks screaming when their cigarettes got splashed.

So we continued up the road to Jarouma Falls, which in the late afternoon were nearly deserted.


Hayden said...

You helped me :-) You were the best little helper ever :-) I could not have asked for anymore help from you XOXOX Thank you so so soooooo much for all that you did on the weekend and all the other times as well :-)

I was so so sooooo glad and happy to have you running beside me and so very very proud of all the running that you did. I still think that you did a bigger exercise day than I did and you were doing it so easily :-)

You are amazing and I love you lots and lots and I hope that I am being as helpful and supportive for your writing as you are being for my training.

I love you lots and lots and lots XOXOXOXOXOXOX


Anonymous said...

are you skinny dipping?


Naomi said...

No! (but if you must know, I'm in my undies. There, I've said it.)