Wednesday, August 05, 2009

. . . to this

Forgive me.  

It's so wonderful to have a big wide house with different rooms for everything.  A guest room that's just a guest room and not also a storeroom, sewing room and study.  A place for our four bicycles that isn't in the lounge room.

I can't help showing off our new place.  

But the best best part is the bit across the road.

The River.  

(I'm pretty sure I secretly think of it as Our River.)


tunabake said...

Woowwwweeeeee! That is some house and the view is lovely. I hope everything went well at your meeting and that you are both really happy in your new home. So pleased for you both, oh and I hope Hayden's new job is going well. Claire xx

Anonymous said...

just amazed..

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Eileen said...

Oh that view. I have always wanted a house by the water. Something about it is so relaxing.