Friday, July 31, 2009

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As I may have hinted in that last post, I'm pretty chuffed with the new house we've found to live in.

When we first arrived in Bunbury, the company Hayden works for very kindly put us up in this little house in the suburbs while we looked for somewhere permanent to live:  

And at first glance you might think it looks quite nice - it was very clean and quite new.  But after a few weeks there, I was struggling.  I found it claustrophobic, uninspiring, and that aluminium fencing gave off a glare that caused me migraines.  Not nice.

In comparison, our new house - our River House - is beautiful, old, spacious and loaded with character.  The owners have partially renovated it in a very grand style, and the rest of it .. well, it's loaded with character. I'm bursting with pride - and amazement - that it's ours.  For only a small increase in rent, it really is quite an upgrade on our Townsville apartment.   

I'm itching to show you more photos, but first I have to get everything looking right.  In the meantime, I'm off to a meeting that might bring me some freelance writing work.  Wish me luck?


Anonymous said...

good luck to you! i am very fond of your blog really. you write very well. am sure you'll get the job. =)

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