Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Time, do you think?

Something about this blog seems wrong. Is it the name up there in the header? And maybe the image too? Think maybe it's time for an update?
Drue asked me a while ago if I would change the name A Town and a Half now that I've left Townsville. I agree it makes sense ... but what to change it to? Nothing's jumping out at me. To be blunt, nothing in the whole of Bunbury is jumping out at me. Compared to Townsville it seems safe and quiet. We've left the North's outlandish edge. It's nice here. It's nearly sedate.

And the colours are different - have you noticed in the photos? Where Townsville is a clashing kaleidoscope: blue sky, aqua sea, red rock, and a jungle of overgrowing plantlife, the landscape around Bunbury is muted. It's flat browns and dull greens. It's beautiful too - in a slow, more restful way. In Townsville I was overwhelmed with excess colour. Here I love our wide brown river, with no crocs, and the endless view of eucalypts out into the distance. It's quieter, gentler.

I think I will make up a new name. It will mean the end of A Town and a Half - I'll close it off, and start again somewhere else. I'll leave it all still sitting here though, so I can look back through the highs and lows of our time in North Queensland. It was quite a rollercoaster in the end.


Drue said...

my suggested names are:

Berth (from perth, new beginings and new morrings)
Breadfruit (from Bun-bury)
Rollcover (Bun-bury again)
The River House Tales

btw i went to Saudi this week. No wonder it's a desert as all it does is rain men.

Naomi said...

What about Breadroll? Too oblique?

The problem with a name to do with Bunbury is that *technically* we are living outside of Bunbury in the satellite suburb of Eaton. To me, Eaton is Bunbury, but to local Bunburians that is clearly incorrect. They say "oh, you're out at Eaton" like we're aliens, or country bumpkins.

I think our wider local area is called Dardanup. Got any ideas to do with that?

Tinniegirl said...

What about something that is less about the place you are in and more about the journey? You seem like someone on a journey, and not just a physical one.

How about words like seeker, traveler, searcher for inspiration?
"The Inspired Seeker"?

Or your could use the work verification from this comment: nork st

Oh, and the other thing I wanted to tell you is that when you create the new blog you can import the old posts across and bring the history with you.