Monday, August 24, 2009

Land of Apples

Yesterday, we took the road to Manjimup via Dardenup and Marrylup and arrived in Balingup. I now know that what I thought was one town called "blah-blah-something-up" is at least three or four different towns. This is the region to the south-east of us, where apples are grown.

The trees are all bare now, and silverly eerily beautiful.

And the empty crates stack up to make an interesting temporary wall for the packing shed.

When we first visited Bunbury in May, it was the end of summer and we bought a couple of apples from a farmer's market. They were so crunchy fresh and sweet that they made it into the 'pro' column when we were making up our minds about moving here. It's nice to know that the apples were super-local. And I'm definitely coming back for more, straight from the source.

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Eileen said...

The apple tree in our back yard is giving TONS of fruit right now. If you lived closer I would make you come over and take some home.