Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Dazzle

Last July I was walking along this very beach with the smell of coconut tanning oil in my nostrils, trying to come up with an idea for a winter pudding and having no luck at all.

This time of year in Townsville is just dazzling - warm days and air so clear that we can see the far-off islands that are usually lost between the sea and the sky (if you click to enlarge the photo above, you'll be able to see them too). It's the way that the sun glances off the water - why doesn't it do this at any other time of the year?

It makes me wonder what was so wrong with summer? I feel that I'm being paid back for all my complaints about life here. And I also feel that I shouldn't post these pictures without offering to share - to anyone who's sick of wintertime, our guest room is open to you.


Eileen said...

Careful or we'll take you up on that offer!

hanna said...

Naomi!! Looking at those photos when outside is raining and no clothes seem to keep the cold away from your bones... I MISS TOWNSVILLE! Who would have thought that I would actually say that.. or leave a statemenet like this where everyone can read it :) No but yes. Townsville is great and everyone should visit!
I loved the botanical gardens... love is a strong word so maybe perhaps just liked a lot. Like you puppy photo too. Nice hair!
If you ever go further South then just to the Golden Coast I am here in Sydney! love lots,

Robert said...

Thanks for the basketball compliment. A note to that is that my team recently played in a basketball grand final and I didn't even make it off the bench.
And Hanna has never been to the Townsville Botanical Gardens. She likes the Queens Gardens though.
p.s. How did this thing already know my name?