Friday, June 29, 2007

Golden Coats

We're back from the Gold Coast, which really only lived up to its name on the very last day we were there. It's always the way with beach holidays, isn't it? Cold, windy, rainy until the moment when you're repacking the car to go home.

We were down there in order to introduce my parents to Hayden's, as a sort of precursor to the wedding. In fact, my whole family turned up for dinner and it was lovely, just like the engagement party that we never thought we needed. The trip was also supposed to be a nice change for Hayden's parents, Ken and Jillian, from wintry wet New Zealand.

OK, so they didn't get to see much sunshine, but they did get to meet four extremely cute labby puppies, who spilled out of a car in the carpark of the Murwullumbah Rainforest Information Centre. Within one minute, one of the little fluffballs had already nearly drowned himself in the pond.


eighty laps said...

Puppies are so cute.

Drue said...

Are you goiong to have puppies too?

; )

Naomi said...

Yeah, we're going to have at least two puppies!

But not until after the wedding of course.