Monday, June 18, 2007

Wet and Cold in the North

Now it's wet and cold. Fat raindrops are glistening on our pet lemons (we've been watching these lemons grow for nearly a year now. It's going to be quite sad when we finally have to cut them up and put them in a pudding).

And look what's written on the thermometer:

sub-20 degrees! That calls for jeans and jumpers and the making of much cosy: a blanky on my knees when I'm watching TV, soups and roasted pumpkin and many other delicious carbs.

It's been a nice change, actually.

1 comment:

tunabake said...

19 degree!!! that is t-shirt weather naomi :)
your lemons look lovely ;) i want to see a photo of the pudding you put them in - i do love a good pudding.