Friday, July 27, 2007

Savoury Treat

This morning I received word that my writing job is very nearly complete (just waiting for final-final-final sign-off).

I decided to celebrate by making myself an extravagent lunch: a hamburger of my own devising (cream cheese, roast sweet potato, bok choy and fried mushrooms, topped with Hayden's roast capsicum relish). Delicious.

Although it did fall apart the moment I tried to take a bite. Not to worry.

Question: What do I usually have for lunch?
Answer: I have absolutely no idea.


Drue said...

that looks so good. I missed breakfast and after seeing that picture I'm off to the 24/7 mart to get a pannini.

eighty laps said...

For Lunch... I normally have something from "the perc", Ruth's brother's cafe. I get in trouble if I go anywhere else.

hp said...

Good on you! best of luck!!!

Eileen said...

Man that looks good. Like really good. Which reminds me I haven't had lunch.

tunabake said...

congratulations naomi! i want to read your published work when it has been signed off :) such great news.


i wait for left-over's from meetings at work.