Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Exciting Delivery No. 1

The smell of our place has just improved - we have taken our biannual delivery of specialty coffee beans.

Plus, I'm baking my first ever loaf of sourdough. I got the recipe from this lady, who lives in a mudbrick house outside Melbourne. (Enough sourdough cred you think?)

Trust me, the smell of coffee plus baking bread is a real improvement on the smell of the yeasty starter I have been nurturing all week until it got sour enough to bake.

I have just peeked in the oven (again) and my sourdough loaf is looking very tall. I hope it turns out alright.


Mr E said...

Wow. The two best smells in the world - baking bread and freshly brewed coffee.

I've got to go out and get some of that.

hope the bread turns out.

Naomi said...

Happily, I can recommend the bread recipe. Breakfast this morning was really good: Jaspers Blend 5 coffee - brewed to perfection by Hayden - plus sourdough toast and honey. I even have fancy honey these days, infused with lemon myrtle. Yum.

tunabake said...

ooooohhhhhh naomi, a girl after my own heart. i baked scones on the weekend but unfortunately they were to dry and small, next time they are going to be big hearty scones, but the smell of them cooking made up for the lack in taste.