Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter Weekend

I’ve done this before. I’ve got a job in the week before Easter, and then enjoyed the four-day weekend like nothing else.

This Easter has been jam-packed with activity, including a bit of hiking on the beautiful Magnetical Isle.

There is more description to come, but right now I have to go and squeeze the very last out of this lovely, lovely weekend.


Eileen said...

Oh the pictures are beautiful. We managed to get out hiking here as well, through Lynn Canyon and up towards one of the mountain peeks. Something about all that fresh air just makes me want to consume huge volumes of chocolate bunnies.

Naomi said...

Canadian mountain hiking? That sounds like the most freshest kind of hiking. And it's spring for you too. Freshness overdose!

tunabake said...

how is your new job going? i hope those men are treating you well. those photos look great, we are longing for some fresh air; the victoria line would have to be one of the most dirty tube lines....if you blow your nose after one trip you will know what i mean! eeewww claire