Thursday, April 20, 2006

Don’t have much to say, really, about anything.

Bin spending too much time with inarticulate builder blokes. Work’s going OK.

Except they haven’t paid me yet. Hate the first part of a new job where you’re trying twice as hard to do everything right, but they haven’t paid you yet so in effect you’re doing it for nothing.
Paid tomorrow, I think.

That’ll be good.


Eileen said...

You have to come up with something fun and completely stupid to do with part of your first check. There is plenty of time to be responsible later.

Naomi said...

Actually, I'm thinking of blowing the first two or three completely. I'm thinking that it might be time for Hayden and me to go scuba diving.

The only problem is that we would have to take a week off work to do a scuba course ... I wonder how soon I could organise that?