Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Stuck in the house again

The last two days I have been trapped in the house by depression and hot weather, but today is different. I am trapped in it by the need to shower.

This morning was a touch cooler than usual; it stayed down at 28º (82º F) until after 8:00am. I was so pleased to put off my morning walk for an hour, partly for the joy of dawdling my morning, but mostly for the welcome indication of autumn’s approach, that soon I will be able to be out walking at any hour of the day I please. But this morning when I got back to the house, the workmen who have been digging ditches in the footpaths of our street had turned the water off, until 2:30pm. They told me that there was a note about it in my letterbox. I looked there, and saw that that was true.

Four hours later, I’m still in my sweaty walk-wear and I’m beginning to get thirsty. There is just one hurdle before I can give in to my desperation to get out of the house and find myself something to drink, and that is the need for a shower. Anyone who has lived in a humid climate will understand.

It is getting boring though, sitting here waiting for my own will to crumple. I wonder when I’m going to give in?


Naomi said...

Oh, idea! I will melt all the icecubes in our freezer for water to bathe!

Eileen said...

Glad to see you got some of your pictures back. We've had some work being done near our place that results in the power going out willy nilly. Makes life interesting. I would make a lousy back to nature gal. Give me power.

Naomi said...

We were lucky that we had a whole lot of photo's saved on the camera. As well, I have all the ones that I have posted on Blogger, and I'm so glad that I did.

Good luck with your power troubles, and make sure you protect your computer from power surges!