Wednesday, March 29, 2006

In Search of Lost Time

Sorry if I’ve been a bit quiet for your liking. I knew that I’d stopped blogging, but I got the reasons behind it all wrong.

I thought it was because I was all upset about losing all my stories and documents from my computer, and I thought that I just wasn’t ready to blog while I got myself back on my writing feet. It is true that it has been taking a while to get back into the writing, as anyone who has sat down in front of a blank screen to begin their masterpiece would understand. But that wasn’t the reason why I stopped blogging.

The reason why I stopped blogging was because I momentarily stopped reading Proust in order to read Shantaram, an amazingly true story that was given to me for Christmas by my brother Paul. I highly recommend Shantaram to anyone who is after a massively ripping yarn. But I recommend Proust to anyone who wants inspiration to update their blog. I am, in fact, harbouring a secret theory that In Search of Lost Time was one of the earliest forms of paper-based blog. There is work to be done on that theory, but as I’m only up to the second book in the series I am just thankful that at my current rate of reading, that gives me, oh, many more years of happy blogging to come.


Eileen said...

There is nothing finer than a good read. Okay- maybe a good read while enjoying chocolate.

Naomi said...

What's your favourite to read? Does it depend on the chocolate?

Eileen said...

There is a vast difference between a milk chocolate book and a dark chocolate. Throw in some carmel and life gets really interesting. Favorite book of all time? A Prayer for Owen Meany. After that it gets complicated cause I love reading everything.