Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Apologies for the bitterness yesterday. I was having a bad day.

Today seems better. It is another one of those clear, crisp days that remind me of being in a ski resort town. You know, a ski resort town where thongs, shorts, singlet tops and palm trees are de rigueur. I just look out on the fresh sparkly gentleness of it all and it makes me think that I want to do some good in the world.

But that thought is nearly immediately checked by the second thoughts that (a) I don’t have any of those skills (medicine, carpentry etc) that are needed to fix the world's troubles, and (b) anyway, some horrible person has sat down and very deliberately written a computer program to destroy my tiny laptop and everything that I have done on it.

Ok, not finished with the bitterness yet. But soon. I’ll see you tomorrow.


tunabake said...

oooohhhh naomi, i am so sorry to hear what happened...chear up at least you have some sun and are not working at a reeeaaally dull job in the centre of blandsville. i feel for you i really do, to loose everything you have been working on for the past 2 years is a huge blow. i still look forward to reading your blog; so entertaining and insightful. take care. claire xx

Eileen said...

So sorry to hear about your laptop. Hang on to it- there is a chance a specialist could get the info off of it. A friend had hers go through a fire- it was a lump of plastic- you couldn't even open it and they got everything off of it. Hang tight- we're all pulling for you.

Naomi said...

Thanks you guys! This is quite a testing time for me ... so nice to know that you're in my corner.

The only positive aspect of this, and it's very backwards-positive, is that before we left for NZ I thought about making a backup CD, and then thought "nah, I wouldn't care if I did lose all that crappy writing from two years ago". Well, that certainly showed me!

Time to go and invest in a lot of blank CDs methinks.

Claire, are you really working in the centre of blandsville? I have been so envious of you going back to London!

tunabake said...

yeah i am working for a career development company...living in plaistow with the in-laws... oh so much fun...but only until the end of the month, then freedom and hopefully a better job. i like the pic of you and hayden v.nice xx

Naomi said...

Eeww, career development. How are you going with the toymaking? and drawing?

I'm thinking it might be hard to get stuck into any big projects when you don't have your own space?

Go the end of the month!

tunabake said...

the toy making and drawing isn't going full spead ahead at the moment due to being tired and depressed but when we move out (hopefully the beginning of next month) i am going to set up a little space to craft and art away!!! then there is no stopping me-hopefully.
happy writing.