Thursday, March 16, 2006

Clean slate

I have been spring cleaning today. I got my computer back from the shop, and it’s working fine now but I have definitely lost all the documents and photographs off of it. I am determined to make an opportunity of this fresh, blank slate and so cleared out my writing desk as well; I pulled down all the taped up notes and ideas for the old stories I was working on, and organised all my notebooks and pens. And then I moved on to clean and tidy the rest of the house. There.

I found a bag of old clothes pegs that I inherited from my great aunt when she moved out of her apartment on the Gold Coast and into a rich-old-lady’s retirement home in Melbourne. I love the colours of these pegs. They must have started out all brightly coloured, but they’ve faded beautifully under years and years of Gold Coast sun.


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There is something about cleaning that just makes everything feel better. Or at least less sticky.