Thursday, July 10, 2008

Unpredictable - and a prize givaway!

When I first mentioned Eileen Cook's novel Unpredictable, I was in pain.  I was nearly delirious with medication, and I described the book as a cheer-up piece of citrussy almond cake.  Although I'm quite a bit less delirious now, I'm sticking to my first description of the book.

Unpredictable is a romance with comedy, so the prize I mentioned is not for guessing whether the herione gets her guy in the end.  Of course she does!  But it's really entertaining finding out how she goes about it. 

The heroine of the story is Sophie.  She's hilarious.  I wish she was real so I could hang out with her.  It's Sophie's idea to pretend she's a psychic - first at a psychic fair and then in the media - in order to stop her boyfriend from moving on from their six-year relationship.  Sophie does tend to find herself in all sorts of awkward situations - she's often climbing into and under things, and crawling away on all fours so as not to be seen.  She's kind of a mess, but a very clever funny quick-thinking mess.  If she ever got her shit together, she'd be an extremely formidable person.  As it is ... she's just hilariously funny and cute.

Thanks to Sophie, there's a lot of physical humour and slapstick in this book.  You can picture the action as it's happening just like it's a movie - and I really did laugh out loud while I was reading it.  Most of the time I didn't realise - it was just when Hayden said "What? What??" from his side of the bed that I realised I was giggling out loud again.  Even though he doesn't really read novels (pretty much just triathlon magazines and biographies of sports heros) he's in line to read Unpredictable next.  Who'd have thought?

So, because she's lovely, Eileen is sending me a signed copy of Unpredictable.  And because I already have a copy, it seems like we've now got one to give away.  Would you like a free signed copy of Unpredictable?  If you would, please leave me a comment by the end of this weekend (Townsville E.S.T).  If more than one person leaves a comment, I'll get Lily to randomly select the winner.  Oh, and if you've never left a comment here before, you might even find a little something extra in the prize pack. 

Good luck!


Eileen said...

oooh exciting. So glad you liked it! I love that the tail made the picture.

Anonymous said...

Mmm... citrussy almond cake... Sounds delightful! I do feel slightly guilty that the first time I've looked at your blog in ages happens to be prize give away day, so maybe Lily should 'randomly' select somebody else...

Oh, and congratulations on your book Eileen!

Mags x

Anonymous said...

Here Lily-Lily-Lily, pick me!

I can't think of anything better in the middle of winter in Canberra than sitting in front of the heater reading a good book, with my own little cat on my lap, while the soup I'll have for lunch bubbles away on the stove.

Want to come over for Sunday lunch one time?


purplegiraffes said...

Oy a book? And it's funny? And it's free? I hope Lily walks my way... :)

Elizabeth said...

oh that is a FABULOUS recommendation-- I'm going to go buy a copy now-- I need a fun, summer read and this sounds like the ticket! thanks Naomi!!

Bisous - bluepoppy

hp said...

hi naomi.
i think i'm late to enter this prize draw. would have loved to though. i'm starting work tomorrow which is good because it gives me other things to think about than why is Australia so far a way. hope you are better! hi to hayden!