Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Only Cat

OK.  From now on, this is just a cat blog.  Any mention of books, writing, movies or events outside our tiny home is strictly supplementary to the full-on coverage of our CAT.

But really, there's not much else happening at the moment.   After the months of over-booked weekends leading up to our wedding, we are still luxuriating in the stillness of the aftermath.  This weekend was a long one due to the Townsville Show (pity we didn't go to the show actually, we would have seen a baby being born on the grass outside the information booth) but the most remarkable thing we did was purchase Lily's first collar.

Oh, but do you not think it a little bit stylish?  Is it not a little bit Hotel Chevalier?  A little bit Memphis Belle?  Is this how a mother feels when she dresses her kids in little matching sailor suits?  
Probably best not to answer that.


faz said...

Woot!! Cat blog!!! Hahah That is so great. Your cat is most excellent!!!

Eileen said...

Such a lush tail. And the snappy blue suits her.

We have some quiet weekends planned too and I couldn't be happier.

Naomi said...

It is a magnificent tail, isn't it? You should see it all plumed up when she's scared or cross!

Faz, you should watch out with encouraging me so much ... it's got me thinking that I might get Lily to do some 'guest posts' of her own.

purplegiraffes said...

Puh-leeeze. People have babies every day. A new collar for Ms Lily is far more interesting.