Monday, June 23, 2008


I'm really sick.  Or something.  I'm constantly exhausted and forgetful all the time (eg, where's my cup of coffee gone? Oh, there it is, stone cold after sitting on the bathroom floor for hours.  I wonder how it got there?) and I'm having real trouble stringing these sentences together.

But lucky for me, I'm pretty much unemployed (there's always a chance I'm totally unemployed - it's hard to tell sometimes) and I've got a good book to read.  Amazon has finally sent me Eileen Cook's first novel, Unpredictable, and so far it's ridiculously funny and nice to read, like a lovely piece of cheer-up cake.  Not chocolate cake ... more like a delicious almond and citrus sponge.  I'm trying hard not to finish it too quickly.

But when I have, I'll be back here with a proper review.  Probably.


Eileen said...

Sooo glad you like the book. Now we have to get a shot of the book with the kitty.

Naomi said...

Are you saying that there aren't enough cat pictures already on this blog?

I was going to change the name to A Town and A Cat. Or more likely, A Cat and a Half.

faz said...

i love the cat!!!

Hope you get well soon!! (If you are sick)