Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Hungry Girls

In a recent rash of ordering books over the internet (what? my winter interests have been kick-started.  As mentioned in the post below it’s time I turned to creative things, like cooking, gardening and cosying up our little home) I ordered this:  The Hungry Girls’ Cookbook Volume 2.  

At the time, I was mainly wanting to have a look at how they’d hand made the book - I think I was vaguely hoping it would inspire me to make my own.     It didn’t inspire me that way - it’s too nicely done for me to get that ‘hey, I could do that too’ feeling.  But it did inspire me to cook, so in some ways it has achieved what it set out to do.   It’s got just twelve recipes in it, and I’ve made two of them so far - Carrot Fritters and a Quick Spanish Dinner of mixed up potato, capsicum and chorizo.  And they both turned out delicious.  I’m seriously looking forward to making the Nepali Dahl with Eggplant Pickle.  It’s ages since I’ve eaten a lovely comforting blandish dahl.  It’s a craving I get every so often, and our local indian takeaway makes it just too damn thick and tasty.  Sometimes I’m after something with a whole lot less impact.

Anyway, I highly recommend The Hungry Girls’ Cookbook.  It has a simple cardboard cover and it’s bound with string and staples, and the book itself has a beautiful soft smell.  Its something like green tea, and it makes me think of hanging out at Jan’s place.

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