Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ms Lily

When we arrived home from New Zealand, those cats were waiting for us at our front door like they had read our flight itinerary. As we took the mother cat and the father cat back across the road to where they are supposed to live, we were already deciding that we would keep one of the kittens. We kept the smaller, fluffier one. We've called her Lily.

Of course, she is already queen of all our house.


Eileen said...

She's lovely- a little white lioness.

Drue said...

so cute.

so that means you're in Oz for a while then?

hp said...

look at that little kitty it's almost as big as its ears..cute!!!
good name - much better than Arthur :)

tunabake said...

Lily the lion-cat - she is very cute, Ed will be very jealous. Claire xxx

Mr E said...

Cutest thing ever. A mini-Pud. I want one.