Thursday, February 21, 2008

More Cats

Well, those two little kittens just keep getting cuter. Meanwhile, their mum has become much more protective of them ... so no more photos of them at this stage.

Mum has also become quite restless. She's bored of being cooped up in our house and I know she just wants to go out to play. Instead she just waits for her man to come and visit her in prison.

Ahh, here he is.

He's a pretty dedicated prison-visitor. He comes every day, and if she doesn't come to the door to see him, he'll sing her a really loooong looooud song.


Drue said...

apartently 2 kittens is very rare. were there any dead kittens laying around? maybe you need to check inside mum for some more. it sounds mean but im just concerned!

Naomi said...

We heard that too, and we were really worried the night after the kittens were born ... But now that mum-cat is right as rain again, and I've looked around our place and found no dead kittens, I think everything's going to be OK.