Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well, there's one thing I can update for you:

This cat, who's been hanging around our place for a while now, not discouraged by us and actually allowed to look all over our bedroom, in any draw that takes her fancy:

She's had her kittens! She had two. And even better, she had them at our place, not in a draw but in the box that we had prepared for her with old towels and flannelette sheets.

As I think I mentioned before, we were pretty sure that she was getting close last week, and on Friday when I came home from a meeting (at which I was given more writing work to do - yay!) she was waiting for me at the door. She beat me inside and went straight to her box and waited there very quietly.

I sat down at my computer, but soon decided that I needed to go out and buy some paper and/or get a takeaway coffee before I could get right down to work. I peeked into Kitty's box to tell her that I'd only be gone an hour or so, and I saw that she was having her babies.

Hayden and I are both so stoked that she chose to have her kittens at our place, after weeks and weeks of secret encouragement on our part. I was feeling slightly bad for Kitty's real owner, our neighbour across the road, until we phoned her on Friday and she said that seeing as it was raining she wouldn't come over and meet the new kittens until after work the next day. Eventually when she did come and meet the new kittens, she asked us if we could keep them here for at least a week.

We're really loving having them, and we weigh them on our kitchen scale every day (that's not something their owner asked us to do). It's amazing how they're putting on weight - like 10 - 15 g every day between morning and bedtime. That's 10%, like a person putting on 7kg between leaving for work in the morning and coming home at night!


Drue said...

they look more like mice.

so, do you get to keep one?

Naomi said...

Their ears get more and more pointy every day, which helps, but I think they will really start to look like kittens when they learn to stand up and walk.

The little boy kitten (the fluffier one) has started to crawl and last night he set off on a big adventure right to the ends of his universe - he completed a lap around his mum. He didn't do it in one go - had to have a nap when he got to the difficult terrain around her feet.

Mr E said...

Kittens are cutest thing ever. Especially when they get to that playing with ping pong balls stage.

And like Drue asked - do you get to keep one?

Naomi said...

Well ... basically we've got kittens in one hand and a stack of applications for overseas jobs in the other.

What to do?

Sadly I think we're going to have to give both these kittens back. But we'll keep them here as long as we can.

So do you want one Ed?

hp said...

they are cute. i'd love to have one.. but kinda like you have a ticket to europe in my pocket..
it is really great to be able to look at little kittens grow and hobble woble around. lucky you. congratz for your writing job! where are you writing to ?

Naomi said...

Well, the writing is just more blather for the people at Hayden's work .. actually it is the most boring job I have been given so far. I have to write up a report that was originally due in June 2006.

But work is work, and it's quite a big long report. It's nice to be writing long blather instead of short pieces of blather for a change.