Tuesday, April 15, 2008

All Happening

Almost a year and a half since this happened, it's nearly time for Hayden and me to go and get married!

We leave for our Wedding Destination on Thursday, to be ready to greet our small but highly valued group of guests on Friday. By the end of Saturday, we shall be married and on Sunday we'll go straight to our honeymoon on Hinchinbrook Island.

So far, the preparations have gone pretty well - barring my eyebrow crisis of two weeks ago (Me: Can you please make my eyebrows look good for my wedding? Beautician: [peering at me via the scary magnifying mirror] No...No looking good will not be possible for you. Your eyebrows are naturally assymetrical. But come and see me every week up until the day and I might be able to perform a miracle .. of course I cannot promise anything). That aside, I have been very pleased with a couple of last minute additions to our little big event, including an antique cake knife from my Grandma.

Yesterday, however, the brakes of my car decided to pack it in which is really hampering my ability to race crazily all over town for last-minute necessities. I shall have to sit calmly at home and see what I can organise over the phone.


Eileen said...

Happy Wedding! And even more important- a long time of happily ever afters.

I'm fully expecting pictures of you, Hayden and your eyebrows.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, good luck with everything! If you need any running around town help, give me a shout. I can even lend you my wheels for a day if you get stuck.

tunabake said...

Have a great day, we will be thinking of you xxxx

Mr E said...

Congratulations! As I write, you'll be a few hours into married life. Hoping you're loving every minute, and your cheeks hurt from smiling so much.