Sunday, January 14, 2007


I was so bored sitting at the bottom of that beautiful waterfall in New Zealand. Hayden has trained me not to expect to hang around too long at any one spot when we are travelling, and plus it was nearly lunchtime so why were we still there?


Ohh... cos he was getting the guts up to ask me to marry him.

I said yes, of course.


tunabake said...

wwwwwwwooooowwwwwhhhhoooowwwwwoo! congratulations!
great to hear your brilliant news.
love to you both.

Eileen said...

Wa-hoo! Congrats. Hayden must realize how foolish he would be to let you have any chance to get away.

Naomi said...

Thank you both, and thank you to everyone who has wished us well... not that anyone has wished us ill.

eighty laps said...

Nice One! Congratulations to you both.
Love Mikey x