Saturday, January 27, 2007

Yeah mate

One thing you southern city folks need to understand is that up here in the North, we don’t need a special day to be Australian. We don’t need a special day get out and drive around in our utes and proudly display the flags – the Australian flag, the Eureka flag and the Bundy rum flag. It’s not just one day of the year that we go down to the local pool, cos christ it's hot, and let our tattoos and our guts hang out while we sit on the lane ropes in the deep end and yell at our loved ones to bring us a cigga. Not just one day that we take the kids to the park for a barbie, and while they run around and scream like maniacs we jam our hats down hard on our heads and crack a couple of tinnies.

What I’m trying to say is, it’s always Australia Day up here. We really don’t need any further encouragement.


botanista said...

Yes we are perpetually Australian but it is good, on one day, to reflect on this. But then one becomes more critical, doesn't one, and perhaps does not actually like all those bright new flags conspicuously placed as the principle response to the growing awareness that the day is supposed to mean something.
So... we here designed our own flag for Australia Day. The only (billious) colour combination that seemed appropriate was, after all, green and gold: for natural heritage and sunshine(warmth)/wattle (for pioneering drive). We are all pioneering something in this country.
Imagine a green rectangle and a large yellow sun in the middle. Then to make it more warm and friendly, a smiley face in the middle of the yellow sun/wattle circle. It's really the botanical version of the boxing kangaroo, circa 1987.

Eileen said...

It looks like a hell of a good time.

I like bontansta's flag concept

tunabake said...

aahhhh thank god i missed the festivities. i drank a quiet toast to Australia Day aka Invasion Day with my parents in cork...