Tuesday, January 23, 2007

That awkward in-between stage

Hayden has applied for the job (his boss’s job) that he has been acting in for a while now. I have applied for a permanent job out at the zinc mine. We are both waiting to find out what we’ve got before we set a date for our wedding and really get started on the organising of it. In the meantime I’m at home alone during the day, trying to imagine what I will wish I had done with my free time beforehand, if I do end up getting the job I have applied for. Will I wish I had spent the days reading in bed? Will I wish I had gone to more yoga classes or aquarobics? Unfortunately, I am quite superstitious about these things and even though I know that what I spend my time doing this week has absolutely no bearing on whether or not the HR Department decides to give me the job, I’m still pretty sketchy about behaving as though I have already been given it. What to do?

In the meantime, the wet season has started. After about ten months of continuous fine-and-sunny, Townsville is at a sopping standstill once again. Our lounge room is crammed with dripping washing, the stormwater drains are overflowing and our front garden has transformed into a big pond.

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drue said...

When I decided on a bit of free time to myself in Melbourne I decided to learn guitar. Then I used it to devistating effect in my seduction of Sarah. When I played her the faux mexican song 'Benous Tardas Amigo' she went weak at the knees. Then when I moved to Dubai, the first time (by myself), I spent a whole 2 months practicing. I recommend doing something you've never done before that you've allways had an interest. Learning Guitar has changed my life, without there would be no Sarah and no wedding.

Good luck with the jobs. Wish Hayden good luck from me. Go get'em Tigers!