Friday, January 25, 2008

Cool Change

It’s a beautiful day today. Warm, but the humidity’s gone and there is a lovely fresh breeze instead. You have no idea how nice that is, I’m sorry but you really don’t. It’s civilised. It’s such a relief. It’s like the best summer you can imagine, all you people who live in places where you look forward to summer coming each year.

The good thing is that I don’t have much to do today, no work at the café and I’ve heard not a peep out of the guy who was supposed to ring me about some extra writing work, so nothing for me to do but fill my new ipod up with songs, pay my poor potplants some attention, and wait for the Big News that might come later this afternoon.

But what to do in the meantime? Why not make myself an elaborate lunch? When it’s hot and humid, it’s hard enough to eat anything (quite often I just have a chocolate Breaka from the shop across the road and call that lunch) so today I took quite a lot of pleasure in cooking myself up a little something:

Fried up slices of eggplant and mushrooms, later add slices of tomato, and serve the whole lot up on toast with a dash of leftover nachos topping. Delish.

The Big News I mentioned is Hayden’s news – but it affects me, naturally. I might have told you that he applied for a job in Singapore a month or so ago. Finally this week he had an interview, and the word was that they’d get back to him today.
I’m waiting calmly, because my hopes are sort of down about this job. Not that I don’t want to go and live in Singapore, or even that I don’t think that Hayden is up to the job – of course he is! It’s just that we heard a rumour that if they say they’re going to get back to you within a couple of days of the interview, it’s a pretty good indication that they already had someone else lined up for the job.

So what if it’s not to be this time? The good part about that is that we won’t have to move away and then fly back for our wedding in April.

Plenty more jobs in the sea.


Eileen said...

Ooh keep us posted. If it makes you feel any better when I interview and say "get back to you in a few days" it means I might have more interviews coming up. Versus having made a decision. And who wouldn't want Hayden?

Drue said...

Cool, you may be an expat again. Being an expat is the shiznit. I like Singapore. Considering you abhorance of certain weather patterns, Singapore would be towoomba summer 12months of the year. Although a little bit cooler, look it up it vairs between 30-31 deg and the rainfall is pretty much constant fot the whole year. I do love thier early morning thunderstorms and the noodles for breakfast. If you do move, keep a look out for one-armed dwarfs (ala raindogs).

Naomi said...

To let you in on a secret, we've never stopped feeling like expats here in Townsville. The locals seem strange, have very different customs and beliefs, all our friends are from other places, we're just here while the work is good and we're always thinking about "home".

hanna said...

Any news of the job?
Towsville is a strange but lovely place.

Naomi said...

We found out that Hayden didn't get that job in Singapore. But that's not to say that he won't apply for any others there. He's also applied for a couple of jobs in The Hague .. we're waiting to find out what the go is with them. I'm pretty relaxed about it most of the time, because I feel as though nothing's going to come of it. Then I wonder, Maybe something IS going to happen, precisely cos I think it ISN'T... yeah, that's the way to try to work it all out.