Monday, January 21, 2008

Caution: Wedding details discussion ahead

OK girls (boys this is optional for you), I need your help. It’s about shoes. I’m sitting here in my wedding dress - yes, I did find a dress to wear to our wedding, shopping in Brisbane on Christmas Eve, but no you can’t see a picture because we’re doing that thing where the wedding dress is a SECRET. And no it can’t just be a secret from Hayden, it has to be a secret from everyone, because my flippy floaty brain cannot handle any more duplicity than that. A secret that's secret sometimes and not other times? That would be way beyond my information-handling abilities. You know when you’re on the phone to someone, and one of you can talk freely because they’re alone but the other person has to talk in ‘code’ because they might be overheard? Well, in the midst of those kinds of conversations, I always forget which one I am. Am I the one who can talk freely or do I have to talk in code? I just can’t keep that stuff up. But anyway, know this: my secret dress is beautiful, demure, and even better, so much better, it’s not all that uncomfortable.

So what I'm trying to do now is find some shoes that fit the same bill: beautiful, demure, but must must must be comfortable. With a heel. We decided that I would need to wear heels because my bridesmaid, my sister Louisa, is at least 15cm taller than me. When we stood in the dress shop, side by side reflected in the mirror, we looked to be the same height but I had the dress on plus some extremely tall shoes that the sales assistant lent me and in addition I was standing on a box. So it was decided then that I would wear heels and she would wear flats.

I have found a pair of beautiful, comfortable and relatively demure shoes in a shop here in Townsville. They have a smallish heel, just three inches, but that’s enough, don’t you think, for someone who has never in her life spent a whole day wearing heels? But the problem with them is that they don’t really match the dress perfectly. They are comfortable, and beautiful. AND, and here’s the clever part, if I leave the dress floor length and don’t take it up as I had planned, then it will cover up the not-quite-perfect shoes PLUS I’d be relieved of the odious task of finding a dressmaker I can trust. This thing could be double-done, right now, and that would be brilliant for me.

But what do you think? Do you think I should keep searching for the absolute perfect pair of shoes? Or should I be happy with my pretty-good shoes, and get on with more important things like deciding what I'm going to do with my hair?

Do you think done is better than perfect?


Drue said...

i think 2 pairs.

1no for the height

1no for the walking around / dancing when you're not next to your bridesmaid.


Sian & Iain said...

I have to say go for comfort over beauty every time! I had big heels and normally only wear flats (my Mum insisted that I had to suffer for beauty on my wedding day) however not a single person commented on my shoes... not normally what people focus on and I ended up with no shoes on after the photos which meant I had to hike up my dress for the rest of the night.... definatley comfort!

tunabake said...

Hi Naomi, I went for comfort: off-white ballet shoes 'cause I never wear heels I didn't want to be tottering around feeling unsteady and I wouldn't have felt like 'me'. The 2 shoe idea is kinda good though - suffer for 1 hour, be comfy for the rest of the day :)Claire x

Eileen said...

I go with the two shoe plan too. I also spent a fair bit on my wedding shoes which were beautiful and froo-froo. So fancy I've never worn them again. Not my smartest plan.

Naomi said...

Ok so overwhelmingly the advice is in favour of comfort and practicality. Brilliant! And I also like the two-shoe plan, but instead of doing even one more round of Townsville's pitiful shoeshops, I'm going to just sit still and wait for the perfect pair of comfy ballet slippers to come my way.

Thanks for all your help!

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like you need a trip to Brisbane...?

katherine h said...

Do you remember any other brides's shoes at a wedding? How many photo shots include the shoes? Don't take advise from me...I once tried to console a bride about her less-than-perfect nail polish, murmuring than no-one would notice...she quickly reminded me that everyone would want to see her ring and would then notice the nail, have you thought about nail polish?

hanna said...

have to comment on this although you might have done your shoe shopping already. go comfy go! particularly on your wedding day when you can't let the pain of your toes spoil any moment.
and when the dress is long enough noone will know. i get fixated on colours too though but go comfy go!