Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Big Wet 08

There's a fair amount of water here in Townsville at the moment. Not as much as Airlie Beach and Proserpine, two towns to the south of us which have been featured on the news but still, it most definitely counts as a Big Wet.

Conversation at the coffee shop where I work has turned from the usual "Hot enough for ya?" to how much water, and where, has come inside your house. So that's a nice change. And, thankfully, I don't have much to contribute to that conversation. So far so good. Now that we're into our third wet season I know just where to check for signs of leakage - especially in that corner of my office where I now know not to keep our passports, birth certificates, attempts at stories, precious old diaries and photos. With any luck we will not be flooded twice!


tunabake said...

glad to hear your flat is ok. still no rain down here although i did feel a spit this morning and hoped it was rain and not a bird.

Mr E said...

I thought you had an apartment that was one floor up? don't know where I got that idea. Happy swimming.

Naomi said...

Nah, we're on the ground floor. It's good in the dry, cos we've got a small square of garden to play in. But bad in the wet cos said square of garden becomes a slushy muddy pond.