Friday, February 23, 2007

Up Castle Hill

There is not much in the way of sightseeing for visitors to Townsville. That's probably not a very clever opening considering that there's a possibility that we'll have our wedding here and we want to get you all to come. But it's true anyway, and even the backpackers on extremely leisurely trips up the east coast of Australia only stay here for the fact that they are allowed to park their campervans at the beach overnight and make use of the free showers, bbq’s, taps and toilets.

However, one thing that we do make visitors do is go to the top of Castle Hill, the big baldish rock that protrudes from the centre of the town. If it's hot and we're feeling lazy we can drive up it, but when Marny was visiting back in November we walked up quite early one morning, and it was a really good walk. Since that day I have been telling myself I'd like to make more of a habit of it, and I finally managed to go again yesterday.
I'm sore today. I think it's going to be quite a while before I go back.


Eileen said...

Have you set a date for the wedding?

Naomi said...

No, no yet. We have to decide on the country first. Australia? New Zealand? Fiji? somewhere else entirely?

tunabake said...

I hope all of your plans go smoothly - but get in there quickly with the venue; those places book out so quickly. xcx

drue said...

not to mention the viors/priests/celbates.

who would have thought that getting married was still so popular.

Anonymous said...

yes...congrats nay...I heard on the weekend at Brendan's wedding that you two were up to something! May there be bortsch at the reception :)


Naomi said...

Thanks Rog!

And congrats to Brendan too.