Monday, February 05, 2007


This stuff from Perfect Potion, which combines citrussy, lavendery, eucalyptusy oils with other more secret and extravagent oils, is perfect for when there is so much tropical deluge outside that some of it, inevitably, comes inside and starts to create a mildewy stink.

At first I was miffed to see that we paid more for our bottle than what they're advertising on the website. But then I realised that if I had bought it online, it would probably be stuck on a truck on the Bruce Highway, waiting for the floodwaters to come down before it could get to us. It is getting a bit dire on that front actually: no milk or sunday papers got through this weekend.


drue said...

how are the flood going? Are you living on the roof of your building waving at the channel nine helicopters yet? I hope this isn't going to be Howards New Orleans! Stay dry and don't go swiming in the road.

Naomi said...

Eh, the floods are receding ... flood season is just about over, we're waiting for the cyclones to begin - no more standing on the roof, it's time to hide under the table!

Mr E said...

I like the sound of the flood season. The siege mentality. The not being able, or obliged, to go out of the house. Drowning wouldn't too cool though. Do you have an emergency bunker for cyclone season? Start digging!