Thursday, February 01, 2007


The recent wet weather has been big news in Townsville.

The road out to Hayden's work (ie the Bruce Highway) was in danger of flooding, so Hayden got sent home early today (and if it rains over 120ml tonight he gets to stay home tomorrow too. Yay, snow day!). We spent his afternoon off along with a whole lot of other people, watching the floodwaters pouring over Aplin's Wier:

The floods are pretty much the only entertainment on in Townsville at the moment, the big shopping mall having been closed due to sewerage backwash flooding their toilets. Oh yeah, the local media were actually encouraging people to play in the floodwater until the sewerage treatment plant started overflowing.

* News about the Turf Club here.

* And this about Giru, a poor drowned town down the road from us, that usually only gets into the headlines when its residents are up on drug charges.

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drue said...

so that's why you allways see those 'idiots' being rescued. They were just following orders. Shame on you Murdoch, shame.

Shame shame shame shame.. Australian news just loves the word, now I'm targeting my literary missile thier way!